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Personal Injury Web Traffic Report January 2016

All personal injury lawyers who monitor their website’s traffic using Google Analytics or another software know that traffic dips in December.

In January of 2016 there have been fluctuations in traffic. I have seen many law firms drop in rankings. Of course, for every rankings drop, someone else is getting that traffic.

Here is one of my clients who has been steadily rising for the last couple of years:

january 2016 traffic

A SEMRush traffic chart for 6 months ending in January 2016.

Yes, that is a personal injury website. It has several hundred pages of unique content and is in a large city. Most personal injury lawyer websites receive approximately 5 – 25 hits each day. This one gets closer to 1,000. But not all traffic is good traffic. This site has some very large medical related resources on it, which is great, but will never result in a case.

For a better explanation on how much traffic a law firm should get please see this article: How Much Traffic Should a Personal Injury Website Get?

This is one of the direct competitors. Unfortunately this firm is on the decline. This is still a lot of traffic for a law firm though.

drop in rank

A personal injury law firm losing ground in 2016.

Why has the traffic to personal injury websites changed?

In January 2016 Google released an update to its core algorithm. Neither of these sites have been penalized, however, good user experience and high quality, unique content have definitely played a role in rankings and therefore traffic.

I have been analyzing sites in Los Angeles, Sacramento, Raleigh, Houston, St. Louis, Miami, Chicago and Brisbane for quite some time and the correlation does appear to relate directly to content.

Same thing I’ve said for 25yrs now. Create great content.


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