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Do Tweets Help with SEO for Law Offices?

Today I was contacted by a company for SEO services (imagine that). The company, which I won’t name here, was offering 3 packages of tweets. They told me that I needed these for SEO, or that I could offer my clients these tweets to help with my SEO efforts.

It was such a bizarre offering I replied.

For the low price of $999/mo, someone can get 6 tweets a day. Apparently, the tweets are then placed on the law firm’s website. I’m sure this is done via a widget so that the company never has to log into your website.

Is this a scam?

I honestly can’t tell if these people are just stupid or if this is a scam. The guy trying to sell me the tweets typed with very broken English but appeared to be a nice guy. He kept trying to explain how search engines like good content and fresh content. While that is true, that’s just the tip of a tremendous iceberg.

You can’t simply just embed some tweets as your content…

What is good content for a law firm?

I mostly work with personal injury attorneys and I happen to have an entire page dedicated to just this; so glad you asked. 🙂 Here is my page dedicated to content for personal injury law firms. That pages serves up a comprehensive overview of content for law firms, and rest assured, there is nothing on the page about tweets.

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