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Personal Injury Content Tip #1: Everyone Searches Differently

Personal Injury Content Tip #1: Everyone Searches DifferentlyYou never know what people will ask Google next.

This may come as news to some people but not everyone sits down at their computer and Googles the phrase “Personal Injury Attorney Houston TX”.

In fact, most people Google something else. Examples:

  • How long does a car accident claim take?
  • What should I do after an accident?
  • What if I have been injured as a passenger in an accident?
  • Can I sue if I have been hit by a drunk driver?

Writing articles around what people are asking Google is what I do for a living. I personally call it “writing for the web”.

Personal injury law is one of those niches that nobody wants to use. But, if you share your expertise on the web it may often land in a new case.

Having ongoing content helps with SEO as well (see: Does regularly published content affect SEO?).

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