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Does Regularly Published Content Affect SEO for Personal Injury Attorneys?

contentThere are several reasons why regularly publishing content affects your SEO. Here are just a few, and trust me, this is just a fraction.

  • The more often you publish content the more often Google will crawl your site. I have sites which have their content displayed in search in around 6 minutes. Most personal injury websites take around 4 days for their content to be indexed and I have seen people wait 4 months.
  • The more you cover a specific topic the more value search engines place on your site. It is tough to scientifically measure this one but it is true. I personally call it topical authority. I like to compare this to a stray cat. If you put food out nightly for the stray cat, the cat will come by your property more often and place a higher value on it. If you just put something out once every 3 months, the cat is just going to go to the other property that puts the food out a few times each week.
  • Even if it did not affect SEO, you are casting your net wider. Not everyone searches for “car accident lawyer”. Many people are searching “can I get compensation if I was injured as a passenger?” or “what is the statute of limitations?” etc. Having a variety of content often trumps front page rankings for a single term.
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