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How much do Car Accident Keywords Cost in Google AdWords in 2016?

ppc car accident keywordsPersonal injury lawyers and law firms spend a ton on pay per click advertising, especially those who do not rank in Google search. It would be far cheaper to invest in a solid SEO guru.

AdWords show up in search immediately, so lots of people run them while they’re waiting for their SEO to kick in or if they want to be seen absolutely everywhere. Ranking in search is far more powerful as it typically results in about 10x the traffic as adwords

Car Accident Keywords and Pricing

Below is my “phrase match” report. This excludes broad match modifiers. This cost is per click.

Houston, TX:
Houston Car Accident Lawyer $144
Car Accident Lawyer Houston $258
Car Accident Lawyer Houston TX $173

Dallas, TX
Car Accident Lawyer Dallas $134
Dallas Car Accident Lawyer $95

Sacramento, CA:
Car Accident Lawyer Sacramento $267
Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer $157
Sacramento Car Accident Lawyers $163

Los Angeles, CA:
Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer $141
Car Accident Lawyer Los Angeles $126
Car Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles $164

Chicago, IL:
Chicago Car Accident Lawyer $102
Car Accident Lawyer Chicago $122
Car Accident Lawyers in Chicago $250

St. Louis, MO
Car Accident Lawyer St. Louis $80
St. Louis Car Accident Lawyer $115

Miami, FL
Car Accident Lawyer Miami $144
Miami Car Accident Lawyer $181

Tampa, FL
Car Accident Lawyer Tampa $122
Tampa Car Accident Lawyer $105


I didn’t track volume numbers above, however it is important to note that a term such as as “Los Angeles car accident lawyer” carries a volume of 1,000 @ $141. A similar keyword in Dallas is about the same price yet has 1/3 the traffic. Therefore, PIs in LA must spend about 3x what a Dallas PI spends to play in PPC all day.

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