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How Much do Personal Injury Law Firms Spend on Google AdWords?

Personal Injury Law Firms spend anywhere from $3,000/mo  -$150,000/mo on Google AdWords.

The monthly ad spend is driven up by how broad the geographic reach of your campaign is and which keywords and key phrases you are targeting.

Keyword Costs

Long tail keywords and keywords utilizing broad match modifiers can be had in major cities for as low as $30 per click. This includes Chicago and Los Angeles.

Keywords such as “Personal Injury Lawyer” in cities of 500,000 people typically cost around $145 per click to be located at the top of page 1.

Negative Keywords

When configuring an AdWords campaign for a personal injury law firm it is vital to have some negative keyword data on hand from another personal injury AdWords campaign. Negative keywords are entered and prevent ads from displaying for terms that you do not want to spend money on.

Broad Match + Phrase Match Modifiers

Broad match allows ads to run when users search for relevant variations of your keywords (think car accident as a relevant variation of auto accident).

I personally like to use a broad match in combination with a phrase match (think “auto accident” for the broad match and “Houston” for the phrase match).

Phrase matches are great as you can create ads using the exact same words. These really stand out when users have searched for them.

Pros and Cons to AdWords

Showing up in organic search results in more traffic, and higher quality traffic. People who find you organically spend more time on site and are more likely to act. Of course, there will always be users who do not know they just clicked an ad.

Having a large variety of unique content on your site will, hands down, be significantly more cheaper in the long run than paying for PPC. On the other hand, PPC can work immediately, whereas creating vast oceans of content takes much time.

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