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Ads in Google Maps for Personal Injury Lawyers

I spotted this being beta tested in April of 2016. It has yet to go live. If you are reading this and it is live then you may be interested in AdWords Extensions.

In April 2016 Google began testing pay per click ads in Google Maps, also known as the local finder.

When you click through to map results from organic search you will see the ads. Or, you may not; this is in beta testing as the ads have come and go.

The option for this is not yet available in the AdWords back-end but it must be triggered by “local extensions” as the ads, in many results, show reviews and telephone numbers.

Below is a screenshot of ads displaying for the term Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer “McDevitt Law Offices” and “The Law Offices of Robert T. Edens, P.C.

personal injury ads

April 19 2016 screenshot of personal injury ads in Google Maps

If you’d like to set up ads such as this feel free to contact me or visit my page dedicated to AdWords for Personal Injury Lawyers.

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