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AdWords PPC Advertising for Personal Injury Lawyers

adwordsIf you are looking for pay per click advertising please feel free to contact me today. I set up campaigns exclusively for personal injury lawyers.

Do AdWords for Personal Injury Clients work?

I will not hype up AdWords at all here. Instead, please allow me to lay out the facts and some pros and cons.

Having a plethora of content online results in organic traffic. Organic traffic, IF it ranks, is far better than paid advertising. People are much more likely to click it, and when they do, they spend much more time on site.

On the other hand, paid ads can be up and running in a couple of hours and show right up at the top.

I personally have a client who used to spend $15,000 on PPC to get 4 clicks a day. He now gets over 5,000 hits per month and his PPC budget is $0. This was after years of SEO and content development, but still, there is no comparison at all. He would have to spend $1 million a month to get that kind of traffic through paid ads.

Another disadvantage to AdWords is that once someone clicks that ad, the $ is gone. Content lasts forever.

Of course, any click is a potential case that pays for AdWords for years.

If AdWords is right for you or not is up to you. I would personally never in my wildest dreams replace content with AdWords. If you are doing SEO and content and have the budget to gamble on AdWords, then by all means.

How much does AdWords cost?

AdWords is a bidding process. It depends on where you are, which keywords you want to target, and what your competition is spending. If you would like an estimate just call me for a no pressure explanation here. I have seen so many campaigns I can tell you in about 3 minutes a ballpark price. In a nutshell, if you’re in a small town and want to use broad match modifiers you’re looking at $2000/mo and if you’re in LA and want to rank in ads for “personal injury attorney” you’re looking at $200/click.

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