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How to get a Wikipedia Link to your Law Firm

wikipedia-logoWikipedia is a very powerful site. A link from Wikipedia is nice but that alone is not going to more the meter much in Google search. Don’t get me wrong, it will help and is a great part of a link portfolio, but the link alone will boost you to page 1, if that is where you’re trying to get to. You’ll have to trust me a little on this one but rest assured I have access to plenty of sites with links from Wikipedia.

Unique Content

Wikipedia will however link to unique content, especially near small towns, where content is hard to come by. Visit any small town page and the Wiki page will be filled with “citation needed” sections. One way to get a Wikipedia link is to supply the Internet with the factual information that is needed to enhance a Wiki entry.

Don’t Spam

If you are building a lasting web presence it is important to never spam anything, especially Wikipedia. If you do spam Wikipedia you can expect moderators and administrators to find your link and remove it- usually within a couple of hours.

Side benefits of Wikipedia links

There are several sites which scrape Wikipedia. One Wikipedia link means you’ll have 5 more links from other websites in no time. These scraper sites are not incredibly valuable. Who knows how they know which pages to scrape- maybe they follow Wiki’s RSS feed.

If you need help getting more powerful links please feel free to contact me today.

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