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Should I use Remarketing Ads for Personal Injury Clients?


The first time I saw a remarketing ad and realized what the heck it was, I thought that it was really cool. Most personal injury lawyers will think the same thing. And, I see personal injury lawyers using remarketing all the time (when my ad blocker is off). But, people absolutely HATE remarketing.

Remarketing Gives People the Creeps

My background in IT has given me some unique insight to how people feel about advertisements online. Before I worked with attorneys and SEO, my IT clients would say things to me like:

  • “I have a virus. This ad keeps following me!”
  • “This law firm is spying on me and following me around the Internet!”
  • “I think my Facebook account has been hacked.”
  • “I am being stalked.”
  • “Why is this jerk watching me?”
  • “This lawyer is watching every website I go to, can I sue him?”

There are a lot of people who just have no idea at all how their computer works. They certainly do not know about AdWords. I have seen people stick their credit card into their floppy drive and tell me their monitor has a virus.

Statistically, people dislike it very much

If you refuse to believe what I’ve told you above, take the credit card out of your floppy drive. There are plenty of studies out there where people have been polled and the vast majority (70, 80, 90%) who do know what is going on dislike the advertising, and usually around 75% of people feel negatively towards the advertiser using remarketing.


People hate it, and the people who do understand what it is will actually go use your competitor.

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