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Does Page Speed Affect Personal Injury Attorney Websites?

speedMany studies have proven that the vast majority of today’s mobile users back out of a site if it is not loaded in 3 seconds or less.

It’s all about UX

UX is user experience. Google wants to deliver people to websites which answer their questions and deliver a quality user experience. If they keep doing so consistently people will keep using Google. If people keep using Google, Google will keep making money. It is basically the reason why people don’t use one of the other search engines (Yes, there are others).

Google themselves refer to slow loading sites as a “frustrating user experience”.

Does a faster site improve SEO

I would consider a slow site to be a negative SEO factor. If a page takes any more than 3 seconds to load on a device especially a mobile device you have a problem.

Will a 2.2 second site get a ranking boost over a 2.4 second site? No.

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