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How To Get Links from other Powerful Personal Injury Websites

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last 20 years you know that the #1 ranking factor to search engines is links.

I never recommend manipulating search engines in a way that will get you penalized. But, in many cities personal injury SEO is an extremely competitive niche. Natural links happen but are rare. There are, however, many legitimate ways to obtain links from other personal injury law firms.

In addition to the backlink a huge factor is how the links was used. Did it come from a relevant article? Was it from a relevant website? Relevant links from relevant sites are called contextual links.

Anyways, on to the links.

How To Get Links from other Powerful Personal Injury Websites

  • Ask for them. One way to get relevant backlinks used in context from other powerful personal injury websites is to ask for them. Of course, this is a very time consuming process and involves a significant amount of rejection. If you take this path you will quickly learn that almost all firms have someone managing their SEO efforts. Most of the time the attorney or paralegal who receives your message will not have any idea what a link is and treat you like some sort of alien or criminal. In the event they do know what a link is you need to make it abundantly clear what is in it for them. If they already rank well in their city and your website doesn’t rank they’re not going to want to do an exchange, nor should they.
  • Guest posts. There are a handful of injury firms out there who accept guest posts. If you are up to date on your Google-Fu you can chop through the search results and locate a handful of these attorneys. Even if you do find a personal injury law firm with guest postings on the blog they may not even know about it. Their SEO management company or content writer may be in control of the blog. You would be surprised to find out how many lawyers do not look at their own website.
  • Hire me. I have access to dozens of personal injury law firm websites and accident resources on the web. Sometimes links need a little helping hand. In no way do I promote manipulating search engines but if you have something valuable on your  website which may benefit readers or another distant blog I may be able to assist you in getting that content noticed. And of course, depending on how much you value your time your best alternative is to hire someone who specializes in personal injury SEO.

If you need more links pointing at your website please feel free to contact me today.

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