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Personal Injury Content Tip #3: Hoverboard Accidents


There were many Hoverboards under Christmas trees on December 25, 2015.

By December 26 there were many hoverboard injuries.

Personal injury attorneys interested in products liability claims may want to include a page on hoverboard fires or hoverboard injuries on their website. When someone is injured on a hoverboard they are likely to look for an attorney who is aware of the issue and has produced content on the subject.

Hoverboard Fires and Injuries

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’re likely aware of all of the injuries which have been resulting from hoverboards. People are tripping and falling on them and they are burning people’s homes down.

One of the most notable fires of 2016 was this home which almost burned to the ground in Folsom California.

Of course, many injuries are related to people’s own actions or lack of hoverboard experience. There are many hoverboard accident videos on YouTube which are quite hilarious!

CPSC Releases Hoverboard Notice February 2016

On February 18, 2016 the CPSC released a letter to the manufacturers, importers, and retailers of self-balancing scooters outlining safety standards. Retailers everywhere are halting the sales of these scooters and in many cases buying the products back. The CPSC letter also states there have been 52 fires.


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