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Personal Injury Content Tip #2: E-Cig Explosions

e-cigThe first hot topics of 2016 are hoverboards and e-cigarettes which have not only been exploding in popularity, they’ve been exploding in people’s pockets and in their homes.

I have a background in IT and have worked with laptops and other crummy Chinese electronics since the late 1990s and I can tell you that any electronic device with a cheaply manufactured Lithium Ion battery can catch fire or explode, especially if the device is moved around or dropped a lot.

E-Cig Explosions

Of course, e-cig and vape / nicotine vaporizer explosions do not occur nearly as often as car accidents but they are happening and when they do people are turning to Google for advice.

E-cig explosions are resulting in second and third degree burns and personal injury attorneys are holding liable everyone involved in the injury.

Jury Awards $1.9 Million

In one of the first e-cig lawsuits in the United States a Riverside County Superior Court jury awarded a burn victim $1.9 million. According to this LA Times article, all of the businesses in the supply chain were sued including electronic cigarette’s distributor, VapCigs; its wholesaler, Cartons 2 Go; and the Corona store where she bought it, Tobacco Expo.

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