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WordPress Migration Services for Attorneys

There are many attorneys out there who needed a website ready to go and went with a FindLaw, Justia, Joomla or Drupal website. And, there was a time when WordPress was mostly a blogging software.

But now, WordPress is a highly customizable, current, flexible, scalable platform offering attorneys full control of their website with a built in blog.

WordPress Migration Services

To get your website migrated to WordPress please feel free to contact us today. We are SEOs first, web designers second. We will be the first to admin that we do not build the best sites in the world and will not be offended if you have your own web designer. Or, we can get you migrated to a solid, functional, clean website that works and you can have a designer give it some pop when we are done. “We build the racecar, you put the stickers on it” if you will.

Unfortunately, most people contact us after things have gone terribly wrong. We can help with this as well, just understand that the service is going to take significantly longer (and cost you much more).

Migration Problems to avoid when moving to WordPress

Web designers make some big mistakes. One of them is called redirection. When you move your home, you tell the post office that you have moved and redirect your mail and traffic. In the SEO world this is accomplished by what is called a “301 redirect”. Wen you change web platforms your URLs may change. Not properly redirecting your URLs leads to traumatic injuries to your site’s ranking and traffic. Examples:
Old URL:
New URL:

WordPress Migration FAQs

Here are some of the most common questions that we receive. If you have more, please email us.

Does WordPress improve SEO?

Yes and no. Any website can rank, it is all about the links and content pointing to it. That said, if you use Justia, for example, you likely have an off site blog. Getting people to move from the blog over to your main site happens about 1% of the time.

And, adding content is a breeze.

Does WordPress make life easier?

Yes and no. WordPress is more work up front but, properly managed, drastically reduces costs over the lifetime of your website. In this article, WordPress vs Justia, we mention that adding content to Justia can take 15 minutes. I can do the same thing in WordPress in under 1. And don’t even get me started on rearranging things.

Where do I host a WordPress website?

There are several options ranging from $1/mo – $100/mo. If this is a concern to you please email us today and we can explain the advantages & dis-avantages to WordPress hosting.

What does this cost?

Your WordPress website migration costs will vary depending on a wide variety of factors with the amount of content which needs to be moved being the biggest. Are there images as well?

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