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Malware Removal

If your personal injury law firm’s website has been hacked or you suspect that it has a virus or malware infection on it please feel free to contact us today.

Signs you’ve been hacked

You may see an error in Google search, get an email from Google, experience a big traffic drop or loss in rankings, or get a phone call from someone telling you that your website is hacked.

Why do I have malware?

WordPress is like having a Windows computer. It is fantastic but left unattended it can get compromised. It is most often targeted by hackers and spammers. Once they get in they may flood the Internet with emails from your domain. In other cases they will distribute viruses to people visiting your website. In cases like that you will experience a very bad day in the world of SEO. Here’s a screenshot of someone in 2016 who is about to be whacked:

hacked PI website

This is a screenshot of a hacked WordPress website belonging to a personal injury lawyer.

WordPress is usually hacked because:

  • Nobody was maintaining the site and updating WordPress or the Plugins
  • Your web designer used a theme which is not supported
  • You are on a crummy server and the server is compromised

How to get this fixed

Contact us today so we can evaluate the severity of the problem.

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