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WordPress HTTPS Migration

If you are looking to migrate your domain from HTTP to HTTPS please feel free to contact us today. We have migrated many sites, even this one you are reading right now.


It is essentially the future. It helps with SEO. You get better referrer data. The SEO boost is very minimal. We expect to be doing more of these in 2017 and 2018 but it is good to know that we’ve already been at them for years.

There are also cons to HTTPS. HTTPS isn’t going to magically make you land more cases tomorrow, either. For a list of pros and cons we’ll need to take a look at your specific site and needs.

What we’ll need

Complete access to everything. You’ll need a dedicated IP and a webserver to host your certificate. You’ll need an SSL certificate. There are a lot of things that we’ll need. We’ll need to test plugins for HTTPS compliance and access to Google Search Console. It is a large project to pull off correctly


If you are tch savvy and want to tackle your own WordPRess HTTPS migration take a look at this page, HTTPS for WordPress.

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