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SEO for Law Firms Using Justia Websites

If you are looking for an experienced SEO expert who focuses on law firms and is familiar with Justia’s Content Management System, contact me today for a free consultation.

I work with reputable personal injury lawyers around the country. In fact, I work with the most highly trafficked injury website in America and have references all over the globe.

I can make your website rank on page one no matter how tough the competition is.

Doesn’t Justia offer SEO?

To rank in a competitive niche you will need significantly more SEO than Justia offers. This is why attorneys using the Justia platform hire me.

I believe Justia’s SEO offerings are limited to basic on site SEO; the technical stuff. Technical SEO is basically something you only need once, or once a year. For example, their sites are mobile friendly, they take care of hosting, and they handle HTTPS conversions. Then again, almost all basic WordPress websites are mobile friendly, web hosting only costs a couple dollars a month, and HTTPS is pretty easy to implement.

Performing in search, especially in competitive markets, requires high quality content, and high quality links. These are services I provide here.

If you need assistance ranking in search and have a Justia site, contact me today.

I also handle Justia to WordPress website conversions as well.

Feel free to visit my page dedicated to personal injury lawyer SEO which explains how, why, where I offer these services, or contact me here.

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